Call Centre / Help Line

At WAPMED, we believe that customer satisfaction comes first. In order to provide the same, WAPMED has a dedicated call center that is equipped to handle the customer queries.

How Do We Assist A Customer?

  • Assistance is given by phone, fax and e-mail.
  • Assistance may be given to members and non-members.
  • Information is also provided to providers, corporate and insurance companies regarding claims.
  • Non-members enquire about how to become WAPMED members and advantages of the same.
  • If there is some information that needs to be clarified by verifying the papers physically, then, we put them to the concerned CRM person.

What Information Is Provided?

  • General information on what is WAPMED and what is the role of a TPA.
  • Claim status including details of reasons why the claim may be pending or rejected.
  • Queries related to ID card and approximate date of dispatch of ID card.
  • Details of network providers and their contact details.

Service Standards of a Call Centre:

  • To provide the correct information to customers in the shortest time possible.
  • To guide the members to the concerned persons in case information is not readily available.
  • To answer the queries of the customers patiently.