Liaison with Insurance Companies

WAPMED works closely with all the leading insurance companies in designing the best suite of products to your needs.

Insurance Schemes

WAPMED services Health Insurance policies as per requirement of the Insurer. It also has capabilities of designing or assisting the Insurer in designing health insurance product considering the market requirements as well as keeping profit margin well in place. WAPMED also has experience in handling audits from reinsurers for the Insurance companies and would ideally be able to assist the insurer. This is done after proper analysis of claims data and use of analytical tools and procedures involved in designing the product and deriving the proposed rating structure used for Middle East market is created by WAPMED, using a vast experience of many years of handling huge volume of claims and dealing with various insurance products during its tenure in the Health Insurance industry.

Self Funded Schemes

Self Funded Schemes are suitable for large groups having fair idea about their coverage requirements and benefit utilization. WAPMED works closely with large corporate clients in designing the best suite of products for their Health Coverage requirements.

Highlights of Self Funded Schemes are

  • In line with the Existing schemes with added benefits for wider coverage and direct billing facility.
  • All administrative work is carried out by WAPMED i.e. Hassle Free Administration.
  • MIS reports help keep track of utilization and claims status.
  • Cost Containment – Negotiated tariff, Pre-authorization and monitoring.
  • All Funds are under the control of the Corporate and are handed over to WAPMED only for managing
    the scheme.
  • Assistance of WAPMED in designing the scheme.
  • Corporate can monitor the scheme without getting involved in day to day administrative issues.