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PR and Client relationship section was initiated during 2020 with many activities, offers, events and plan for internal and external relations enhancement for the company. It also initiated the presence of the company in social media and keeps us connected with members.

As we always aims to spread wellness and healthy life routine for all our clients and members. As part of our “spreading wellness "Initiative, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Infinity Health Service Program.
This program will entail special discount and promotions offered by our providers which will allow all members to avail from amazing offers, The program is expected to be launched in September 2021 along with company website and phone application.

We designed a new program that provides customers the opportunity to enjoy distinct discounts on various health services.

Infinity Health Service Program Advantages:

  • • It is a card eligible to any client desire to enjoy a discount on medical & health services which is not restricted to insurance coverage only
  • • Insured member can enjoy the discount for any other medical services which basically not provided by insurance coverage.
  • • Can be used immediately upon receipt
  • • Unlimited number of visits.
  • • Can be used by All Age Groups ,The Insured and The Non-insured members.
  • • Customer Service team will be ready 24/7 to answer all requirements.

Infinity Health Service Program Conditions:

  • • It’s Not an insurance, can be bundled with all insurance policies.
  • • Member is obligated to pay for all healthcare services as per discount plan of related provider on cash basis
  • • The range of discount provided can be reviewed through Wapmed platform on website and application.
  • • Offers can be varied throughout the year.
  • • Card can be used only by his owner as per cardholder name.
  • • Card validation is only one year from the date of issuance.

Ongoing offers from our partners